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super fun fruit slashing action! Enter an enchanted world where dangerous fruit lurks around every corner.

It must be slashed! It must be swiped!

Travel through 30 fantasy filled stages and increase your knighthood! Become renowned as the ultimate fruit slashing champion you always knew you could be!


  • MATCHING ACTION: use your finger wits to make huge matches,
    earn mucho coins, and increase your knighthood!

  • 3 WORLDS, 30 STAGES: earn up to 5 knighthood levels per stage!

  • RPG ELEMENTS: Increase your knighthood by clearing stages.
    The higher your knighthood, the higher your score!

  • FACEBOOK LEADERBOARD: Compete against friends to see who can get the highest knighthood!

  • UNIQUE WORLD CHALLENGES - each world has it's own unique challenge which increases in difficulty as you unlock stages.
    Finish the challenge for the stage and your score goes way up!

Screens Just a teeny tiny taste

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  • screenshot2
  • screenshot3
  • screenshot4
  • screenshot5

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